Radical Islamism

Length: ~1,000 words, not counting bibliography and footnotes; 1.15 line spacing.
Formatting: Format your paper like an online encyclopedia article, such as Wikipedia’s featured articles (Links to an external site.). Though you will not be using a wiki or creating actual Wikipedia articles, Wikipedia has three core rules that you should strive to follow in writing an encyclopedia-style article: 1) maintain a neutral point of view (Links to an external site.) throughout; 2) no original research (Links to an external site.); and 3) verifiability (Links to an external site.). Organize your paper with various section headings and subheadings commonly used in Wikipedia articles. Some particularly important ones to include: overview or introduction, history, core tenets, varieties of X (if any), criticisms. Other possible sections include: etymology and terminology, groups and movements, political parties, X in different countries, prominent contemporary adherents.
Documentation: Use at least a few quotations, but your paper should be mostly in your own words. Link important keywords to reliable, online sources so that readers can follow the links to obtain more information on the subject. Document claims and quotations with citations in the form of footnotes. Acceptable sources include your textbooks, any relevant assigned readings/videos, academic books and journal articles, and online news articles and high-quality posts from reliable, published sources (when in doubt, run it by your instructor). Include a bibliography at the end of your paper. In general, follow the Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.) (CMoS) or Turabian Style (Links to an external site.) (a truncated, student version of CMoS), particularly for footnotes and bibliography. If you don’t have paid access to the CMoS site or own a style guide, there are many free resources online that you can find with a Google search. Start with the Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide (Links to an external site.).
Title Block: Don’t include a separate title page. The title block (name, course, date, paper title) should start at the top of the first page and be single-spaced and left-aligned, except for the paper title which should be centered and in bold with one empty space above and below it.
Page Layout: 1″ margins. Page numbers in the header or footer, not in the main body of the document.
Font: Use a serif-type font common in academic papers, such as Times New Roman, at an 11-12 point font size.