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No sources at all .  She is testing us on our knowledge 

Directions: Answer 4 out of 6 Essay Questions:   Each question will be worth 25 points for a maximum total of 100.  Only answer 4 essay questions, no extra credit will be given for answering any additional questions.  Essays are to be full body including introduction, body and conclusion.  Make sure to write down the question number you are answering. Good Luck!
Question #1  Describe Alcohol Use Disorder as it relates to the aging population; how does the effect of alcohol usage/abuse differ from the younger generation?
Question # 2 Define the Career Construction Theory.  Explain Hollands Personality-Type Theory as it relates to people choosing and entering into specific career occupations.  
Question # 3 Describe the reasons people decide to retire, how can these factors affect the aging populations view and adjustment into retirement. 
Question # 4 Describe Elisabeth Kubler- Ross 5 stages of emotional development in dying.  How does Kubler-Ross theory allow people to cope with the reality of one’s own death and the bereavement process?  
Question # 5  Describe some end-of life decisions people need to consider in managing the final aspect of ones life;  describe why it is important to have such decisions in place?
Question # 6 Describe the concept of healthy aging; what are some lifestyle factors needed to promote healthy aging?