Please answer the questions


1.      We often
hear an adult asking a child about a painting by saying such things as “What is
this?” or “Tell me about your picture.” True, the adult is giving attention to
the child and the painting, but are these appropriate questions? What might the
adult say that would be more appropriate? Why?

2.      Describe
how a classroom’s art environment and materials might be altered to make it
more suitable for children with special needs.

3.      What do
outdoor arts activities mean to you? Why is it important to take art outdoors?
What difference will it make to a group of young children? Are there ways of
planning an arts activity for outdoors that differs from art done indoors?

4.      Name and
describe five different ways to make musical instruments that young children
could enjoy playing. How would you introduce these to the children? Explain.

5.      Choose a
classical music selection from this chapter and plan how you would share it
with a group of kindergarten children. Describe your plan in writing.