reading notes for Oshiro’s The Cocktail Party

26Jan 2022 by

answer the following:

Characters: Who are the main and sub characters? What are their names, gender, occupations, characteristics, relationships to one another, conflicts among characters, etc.? [Describe each character as in detailed as possible to show that you have read the reading, otherwise you cannot get full marks.]

Point of View/Narrator: Which point of view is used (first person, second person, or third person)?; Who is narrating the story?
Setting: When and where is the action of the story occurring? Any outstanding historical references (events, people, etc.)? If you can identify/assume the setting from the text, how?
Conflict(s): Identify at least one conflict in the story and describe how it is resolved or treated.
Theme(s): What is the main theme (s) of the story? Identify at least one main theme and develop it into a more complexed one.
Identify one scene in which the theme is appearing the most (the page number is required); And describe how the theme is appearing in the scene.
What/Which scene stood out to you most in the story? And why?
Identify one literary/visual technique[1] used in the work (the page number is required) that is interesting to you. And what kind of literary/visual effect does it give you (or readers)?

[1] Literary/visual technique includes, for example, imagery, motifs, symbols, figurative languages; music, camera work, editing techniques, mise-en-scene; speech bubbles, panel layouts, facial expressions; and any other formalistic elements.