Reading Response

We have written a few of these now, and I think you are doing well. Please continue to follow the directions in order to earn the most points possible.

Reading Response Assignment: Week # 6

Step 1  Complete the reading assignment: Hess, Duhigg, & Duckworth 

Step 2 Annotate the reading by Talking to the Text

Step 3-Please compose two paragraphs identifying Hess’s, Duhigg’s, and Duckworth’s main points in the first paragraph. The first sentence should address a common theme. The next six sentences should introduce each reading selection with its main points and titles. Finally, you will need to provide a sentence with a direct quotation, commentary, and parenthetical citation that validates the main point.

In the second paragraph, you have the option to only address one reading selection as it relates to you. However, you may choose to address how you made connections to all. Each paragraph should have at least one direct or indirect quotation from the reading to support your claims. Please use MLA format. In addition, the required length of each paragraph must be at least 8 sentences long. 


Paragraph 1- example

              Many people have a desire to graduate college one day; however, without the proper motivation, this desire is simply a dream. Johnathan Williams argues that people need to physically write their educational goals on paper and post them, so they can visually be reminded of  their commitment to success, in his article, “I Need a Degree.” Williams pushes many of his friends to succeed in small goals because “small successes lead to greater self-esteem and more motivation” (32). Next, Rebecca Cox strongly believes that many irrational fears can adversely affect first-year college students’ success in college unless they have a fear-management strategy, in her article, “The Student Fear Factor.” According to Cox, many  English students are simply overwhelmed by the volume of expectations and assignments and will say, “I’m not going to be able to make it”, when all they need to do is find a support network for the courses they have (20). Lastly, Carol Dweck argues that the definition that students use for intelligence greatly affects motivation and learning in her article, “Brainology.” According to Dweck, the definitions lead to the development of mindsets that “have profound implications on motivation and learning” in any learning environment (1)As a result of  success building strategies, many people have graduated from college, started businesses, and accomplished their goals.


Paragraph 2- example

         The portion of William’s article where he described how he helped his best friend was compelling to me because it reminded me of the time when my God -Father helped me to overcome my fear of writing. In this portion of the article, Williams told his friend that not helping his best friend in life would be an eternal stain on his permanent record in Heaven (33). My God-father told me that I had to succeed because I represented him. He could write well, and he was determined to teach me the tenets  of writing. I wanted to write well. I listened to everything my God-father shared with me, just like Williams’s best friend listened to him. I practiced day and night using the skills my mentor gave me. I am sure the best friend followed instructions too. In the end, I accomplished my goal of becoming a better writing  much in the same measure of success as the best friend who graduated from college in the article.

I will add an example of the reading response in the files including the articles needed.