Red flag film

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1. Watch the film Red Flag by clicking through below. It will not open in this window. You have to watch it on YouTube. Either click on the direct link below or the hyperlink that says watch on YouTube.
2. After watching the film, complete the Red Flag assignment.

Choose four of the people interviewed in the film.
First summarize their experiences during the Russian Revolution and under Stalin. Provide detail. Explain why you chose them specifically.
Second explain what each of their individual experiences teaches you about the larger experience of Russians during the revolutionary era. Or in other words, make a larger historical generalization based on their experience. Here you may connect the film to other sources from the course (including the readings and lectures).
Format: This assignment should be a numbered list 1-4. For each numbered individual you should also have two bulleted or lettered points (the description and the generalization).
******Be sure that you do not simply cut and paste the information from the PBS film summary that is found here:

Assignments must be at least 500 words.
Assignment must include citations to the film. Use the following format: (Espar, 23:36). Always include the timestamp.
As always double space or lose points.

Direct Video Link:  (53:28)