Please submit a 150 word short answer essay, based on the course learning objectives listed below, explaining the most important concepts you learned from this course and how you think you might apply these concepts in your future career?
Course Objectives

Explain the uses and limitations of professional codes of ethics and how nurse practice acts direct nursing.
Discuss historical, ethical, legal, and theoretical foundations of professional nursing
Discuss professionalism and socialization to professional nursing, including professional nursing organizations available to the registered nurse.
Analyze elements and boundaries of nursing roles: Nurses role in health promotion, teaching, research, collaboration, and advanced practice nursing roles.
Discuss common bioethical issues currently facing healthcare professionals.
Examine the issues of cost containment and access to health care as they affect nursing.
Discuss components of culture and spirituality pertinent to nursing care, developing how to plan and implement culturally and spiritually competent care.
Discuss projections of future events that will affect nursing.
Identify personal and professional goals as outcomes of the RN-BSN program.