Instructions: This assignment is your individual learning reflection of this course.  Please answer the following questions to complete your reflection.

Reflect on how you thought about Information Systems before you took this course and how you think about it now that the course is coming to an end. Have any of your assumptions or understandings changed? Why? What assignments/activities/readings were influential in this process? (40 points)


Make connections between what you studied in this BIS 370 course with what youve learned in other business courses. How did what you learned in this course enhance what you learned in other business courses, and vice versa? (30 points)


Describe something major that youve learned about yourself in this course, (or about Information Systems discipline in general) and explain how it will help you continue to grow as a business professional? (30 points)

** this is to help get an insight of what we have been discussing all semester.
This is what we have discussed:

These are the chapters:

Course Introduction


The importance of MIS


Strategy and Information Systems


Business Intelligence Systems


Hardware, Software, and Mobile Systems


Database Processing


The Cloud


Midterm Exam


Collaboration Information Systems


Processes, Organizations, and Information Systems


Social Media Information Systems


Information Systems Security


Information Systems Management


Thanksgiving Break (11/24 11/28)


Information Systems Development


Undergraduate (BSBA) Learning Goals & Objectives
Goal 1: Our students will apply a holistic approach to analyze, interpret, and think critically about business. 
       Objective 1.1: To apply the relevant business disciplines to identify and propose solutions for business challenges.  
Goal 2: Our students will be able to communicate effectively and work collaboratively in business settings. 
       Objective 2.1: To develop clear, concise, audience-appropriate, and grammatically correct written messages.  
       Objective 2.2: To develop clear, concise, audience-appropriate, interesting, and grammatically correct oral messages.  
       Objective 2.3: To work effectively in teams in a business environment.   
Goal 3: Our students will apply their knowledge of globalization, corporate social responsibility, and diversity to make business decisions.  
     Objective 3.1: To evaluate the impact of corporate social responsibility on business decision-making.  
     Objective 3.2: To apply a global approach to business decision-making.  
     Objective 3.3: To evaluate business decision-making with consideration to diversity.  
Goal 4: Our students will be quantitatively and technologically competent. 
       Objective 4.1: To apply appropriate statistical tools and mathematical concepts to business decision-making.