Reflection/ Business Plan

What needs to be done. There was a simulation game given to us with budget for each period writer has to write 1000 words on reflection of each period which will 200 words per period there are 5 periods, from period 2 to 6. I can provide a marketing plan and additional information needed.
The company provided to us is Liftsoft. I have attached all the relevant information for all the periods and their marketing plan as well if you need any more additional information let me know.
 So the reflection for the periods will be done from Liftsoft point of view.
2,000 word 10 % individual report about strategic plan and recommendation (worth 30 marks). This report must address the followings:
a) Evaluate decisions and demonstrate results (approximately 1,000 words)
b) Forward-looking strategic plan (approximately 1,000 words)
Evaluate decisions and results (Component 3 – part a of Assignment 2) Each student is required to submit a review report outlining the groups adopted strategies, how did you allocate resources and why, how did you approach Risk, where you went right (and wrong), your performance, value proposition, results, and key conclusions. Forward-looking Strategic
Plan (Component 3 – part b of Assignment 2) Each student is also required to submit a forward-looking strategic marketing plan at the end of the simulation. This will use the template in the simulation to plan the next 3 years (next six periods) of profitable growth. Whatever your position at the end of the simulation, your task is to plan a route to future success. You will need to justify your goals and your strategy to achieve them. You should assume that segment and overall market growth rates continue at the same pace as at the end of the simulation. However, you should also assume that your competitors will be smarter, changing their strategies from the past and reacting to your strategy. Their reactions and your counter-actions should be shown. Base your plan on the simulated world, not on the real world. Important notes regarding Assignment 2 1. In your assignment, you will probably have accumulated a wide range of facts, published research, and other information relevant to the topic. Please do not simply throw these facts together in body paragraphs, without properly applying them to the topic or signalling to the reader the connections between them.
Sentences and paragraphs should not feel jumpy and disjointed. Each sentence should follow the preceding sentence and each paragraph should follow the preceding paragraph.
2. All sourced content must be referenced appropriately (both in-text citations and reference list) using APA 7 style. The reference list, which should be included at the end of the report, is not included in the word count. Helpful information about referencing is available on this link
3. Please avoid having long sentences. Please break down your answers to each question across a couple of paragraphs. Please avoid putting everything related to each question in one single paragraph.