Reflection Paper

You will take this opportunity to reflect upon your entire internship experience, including the updated feedback you received from your supervisor. Specifically, you will complete the Final Learning Outcomes Self-Evaluation Excel worksheet to give yourself a final progress score (again, this percentage has nothing to do with your grade, so be honest with yourself), and then write a final paper (about three to five pages) reflecting on your final progress for all areas of your Learning Outcomes Chart.
The main purpose of this paper is to discuss how your Learning Outcomes have/have not been met:

Refer to your L.O. Self-Evaluation scores:

How will your experiences/job skills gained from your tasks help you succeed in your anticipated industry?
To what extent were you given opportunities to apply your courses?
Describe how successful you were in reaching your professional goals.

Discuss at least two aspects of the Final Supervisor Review:

Which performance ratings from Sections A, B, & C were helpful? Why?
Were you given feedback/constructive criticism throughout the internship?
Where will you focus your attention in the future to continue your progress?

You can also mention some of the following:

Overall, did the position meet your expectations?
Overall, did you learn and grow from this experience?