Reflective Journal

The Concept

A reflection paper is an academic work that is primarily concerned with your thoughts and emotions associated with something. It can be roughly subdivided into two types: experiential reflection and reading reflection. The former deals with your personal experience. You do not have to recount the experience in too much detail, like in a narrative essay, but rather concentrate on how it affected you: how it changed your opinions and viewpoints, what it made you think about, what emotions it caused and so on. The latter expresses your thoughts, impressions, and ideas on reading a particular text or learning something.

You are completing reading your textbook, viewing, and reading class lectures and assigned material for different time periods within American History.

What are you thinking as you are completing your class material?? 

It primarily deals with your thoughts and feeling on interacting with the historical topics. 

Hypothetical Examples

I did not know that.

This surprised me.

I am not sure I understood that concept or how one topic is related to another.

I had trouble with this topic.

This topic was upsetting.

Does a topic seem to relate to present events?

Overall Instructions

One page requirement for each entry. 

Do not summarize the material. You can refer to the textbook or class material topic, yet it should focus on your thoughts.

Do not cut and paste anything just refer to topics in general terms. If it needs to be specific, then put it in quotes and tell me at the bottom of the page where you got the quote. Example – Your Textbook – U.S. History OpenStax Chapter 2.1 Portuguese Exploration (There are not specific page numbers.)

It should be on class material only. Do not try to Google around for topics. This is not only to document your learning process but also thinking about your class material.

I am not and English Composition Instructor so I will not be looking for every grammatical error. I do expect correct spelling and to be able to understand what you are trying to communicate.