Reflective Paper on “Animal, Vegetable, Junk” by Mark Bittman

Book: Animal, Vegetable, Junk by Mark Bittman
Chapter 8 : Food and the Brand
Chapter 10 : Soy, Chicken, Cholesterol
Chapter 11 : Force-Feeding Junk
Chapter 12 : The So-Called Green Revolution
NOTES:  REFERENCES on pages 313-325

Read and reflect on the data and topics covered in the 4 chapters.
Write a reflection paper on what was interesting to you and what other information you found on the topics.  See sources in the Notes on pages 313-325.
Write at least one page per chapter on what you learned.  One page of writing with sources on a separate page.
Four pages of writing minimum, feel free to write more.
Write as if you are teaching this to a classmate, a friend or family member.
You want your audience to undestand the current situation in our food system and some additional data/info you uncovered.

Double Spaced
Times New Roman 11pt ~ 300 words per page