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  1. To what extent do you believe that the selected research article supports the right on crime movement/principle?
  2. Do you agree with the students argument how their selected article supports the argument? Provide empirical evidence to support your arguments



One of the most important factors for creating a life without crime is by having a preserved family. According to right on crimes page, According to National Review, 40 percent of low-income men who father a child out of wedlock have already been in jail or prison by the time their first son or daughter is born. The family unit is the foundation of society. This idea is then also supported by the Journal of Marriage and family, Marriage was associated with lower levels of crime and less frequent substance use. Following the birth of a first biological child, men’s crime trajectories showed slope decreases, and tobacco and alcohol use trajectories showed level decreases. The older men were when they became fathers, the greater the level decreases were in crime and alcohol use and the less the slope decreases were in tobacco and marijuana use. This life of marriage and child raising almost completely destroys the chances that a child falls into a life of crime. The initiatives of a family life can decrease recidivism and general involvement in crime. I believe that having a family atmosphere is not only important but crucial for our society if we want to decrease crime around the country. 

Kerr, D. C. R., Capaldi, D. M., Owen, L. D., Wiesner, M., & Pears, K. C. (2011). Changes in At-Risk American Mens Crime and Substance Use Trajectories Following Fatherhood. Journal of Marriage and Family73(5), 11011116.


The idea of investing in alternative programs within the criminal justice system is also known as justice reinvestment. The ability to invest in programs like community supervision, work release programs and treatment facilities would benefit society and the offender; these programs are a favorable alternative to incarceration. Incarceration is a tool that needs to be utilized in some situations, but is not always the best plan of action. Conservatives understand, if the criminal justice system was to efficiently allocate funds to programs that benefit offenders it would ultimately increase public safety and lessen crime and recidivism rates. According to Right on Crime, approximately 40% of released offenders end up back in prison or jail within three years of being released. Allocating resources to a community supervision program can drastically impact the offenders chance at recidivism. Community supervision programs allow offenders to remain in their community but under conditional supervision, which could include mandatory treatment or rehabilitative classes (La Vigne, 2010).  If community supervision programs are funded and managed properly crime and recidivism could be cut by as much as 30% (La Vigne, 2010). There are many different thoughts on the criminal justice system and how funds should be allocated. Conservatives believe if justice reinvestment occurs the criminal justice system along with society and criminals would be better off.


La Vigne, N. G. (2010). Justice Reinvestment at the Local Level Planning and Implementation Guide.

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