Research – Annotated Bibliography

Due Date
Topic Due November 10
Annotated Bibliography with Summary, submit in Blackboard (20 points) December 15
Oral Presentation (10 points) December 16
The design of this class is intended to help students apply what has been learned to a job in health services. Usually, long research papers are not written to address pressing everyday issues on the job. Instead, staff must be able to analyze a situation using current information and applying it to make an informed decision. With this assignment, you will explore a current ethical topic or perplexing issue in healthcare that is of interest to you and share it with your colleagues.
1.     Select a current ethical issue of interest to you and research it in the current medical literature.
2.     Submit topic for approval by professor.
3.     Refer to the instructions on how to develop an annotated bibliography at and click on Annotated Bibliography (green box on left side).
4.     Conduct research Sources should be no more than five years old and not include newspaper articles, magazine articles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, or textbooks.
5.     Each annotated entry should contain the source (using APA style) and 2 paragraphs single-spaced. The first paragraph is a summary of the resource (do not just copy the abstract) and the second paragraph contains the information applicable to your research.
6.     Submit the annotated bibliography (12-15 sources) and a 3-4-page double-spaced conclusion of the issue. Please use APA format. The conclusion should consist of
         Introducing the ethical issue that you researched
         Summarizing your key findings
         Explaining the significance of your research
         Identifying any gaps that you noted in the literature
Please remember The professor must approve topics before students start the research. Examples of topics will be discussed during class.