Research Diary/Annotated bibliography

Each time you search for sources of information for your research paper, fill out a research diary entry using the template provided. Use the template to fill in the following information:Date & time of your searchResources used: the library databases and search tools you used, as well as any other search tools (Google Scholar, etc)Search terms used: the keywords, synonyms, subject terms you used to search (please refer back to the posted videos on searching and use the appropriate language and methods)Relevant sources found: list all sources you found that you think will be useful for completing your research assignmentAdjustments made: did you do any problem solving to adjust your search results? How did you modify your initial search to get more relevant results?Reflect on some of the following questions:What difficulties did you encounter in searching for sources?Did you get help from classmates, tutors, librarians or the instructor when you encountered difficulties? If challenges persist, how are you going to address them so that you can complete your research assignment successfully? What search strategies were helpful or not helpful?How have the sources found today helped you answer your research question? Have new questions arisen? Has the focus of your research shifted?Finally, start an annotated bibliography of your topic. You can add to it each week.