Research Movie Data

Research and analyze
movie data and creates 3 charts for each questions.

Data: Start by looking at the datasets
available. I’d suggest looking at Kaggle, and searching for “movie”
or “imdb.”

Suggested Questions: Define several questions, and then answer
those with data. Some questions relating an input to an outcome variable. For
example, you may decide to look at movie review ratings or revenue. Those would
be your output variables. You would then try to find links between those
variables and different input variables. These could be genre, year, actors,

Main question

Which streaming services had the highest grossing film
in 2021?                                                               

Supplementary Questions:                                                                 

1. Which genre was popular in 2021 in various
streaming services?

2. What was the highest grossing film in 2021?

3. Was there a correlation between streaming service
and revenue?


We will answer this question by analyzing three
independent variables:                                                        

1.         Genre                                                             

2.         Movie
Titles along with who acted in them                                                              

3.         Revenue