Research Police Departments

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Research Police Department agencies in TEXAS 
wellness policy. Write a proposal to create a wellness policy for this department. This Department Wellness Proposal is designed to create a robust and holistic program that will assist your officers and staff with physical, mental, emotional, social occupational and spiritual well-being. This paper should be completed in a manner that would be suitable for its submission.

The proposal should include a summary of the current policy to include its strengths and weaknesses, proposed changes to the policy, expected hurdles (financial, cultural, legal, etc.) and remedies to overcome these hurdles. The proposal should site at least three (3) sources in APA format.

It is important to have sources that talk about physical, mental, emotional social occupational and spiritual well-being!  Read other police departments agencies wellness policies in Texas and create one based off of theirs.  and conclude a summary as seen above.