Research report Safety and PPE

Organization and Format for Your ReportYour report should contain the following five sections and adhere to APA format.

IntroductionIndicates focus or purpose of reviewStates concepts (concept words to be defined by the literature)Describes the organization of your sourcesIndicates basis for ordering:Most important to leastEarliest to most recentCategoriesBodyIncludes quality studies relevant to the problem/issueUses paraphrasing rather than direct quotes for the presentation or reporting of specific findings from your searchCritiques the strengths and weaknesses of studies relevant to the problem/issueAddresses ethical issues in an unbiased and neutral toneConclusionPresents research knowledge about your selected safety and health problem/issue (what is known and not known)Explains whether there is adequate knowledge to direct change or solve the issueStates your proposed change or solutionIdentifies limitations that can arise from your change and solutions in practice or real-life environmentReferences Supporting the Body of Your ReportUtilizes APA formatIncludes a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals within the last five years

I am looking to get at least 10 pagesthis a basic outline 1. Intro to Safety and PPE2. Arc flash Industry Safety3. OSHA’s PPE and ARC flash4. CDC recommendations, arc flash, general PPE5. Why sharing is not caring. The habit of sharing must stop6. Experts’ recommendations7. Reasons behind sharing, why became a habit, Covid risks health and safety8. Practices when and where, personal experience9. Hygiene and personal10. Conclusion

I have a literature review already made. I just need the paper