Research Study Review – Business Psychology: Performance Management System Process Assignment

Your only citation will be the study that you are reviewing; 

Choose scholarly journal article within the last 5 years about Performance Management Processes)

@ least 500 words

Topic should be relevant to Chapter 2 (Performance Management Processes)  (Ebook is attached for quick reference)

Using current APA style the review must include the following:
      Title page
      Specific sections, each with an appropriately formatted APA heading:
o   Introduction (no heading) title of article and author(s); why the article was written (purpose)
o   Hypothesis – what it attempts to find or answer, include each hypothesis 
o   Methodology – how it answers the hypothesis, process, population, statistical tests used
o    Results what were the outcomes; provide the significance levels
o   Discussion – what the results actually mean, how is it applicable, why is it important in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Additional requirements of the assignment:
      Length of assignment: 500 words
o   Excludes title page and reference section 
      Do not use direct quotes
      Current APA formatting
      Your only citation will be the study that you are reviewing
      Acceptable sources are quantitative research studies published within the last five years