Research wine paper

Each of you chose one of the following 6 topics to research and write a 2-page essay on:
American and Canadian Prohibition
Judgement of Paris
Geology of Eastern Washington
Coastal Influence on California
Wine Writers, Reviewers, and “100 pt” Wines
The goal of this discussion is to let your classmates know what you learned! Since they didn’t have a chance to learn as much as you did by researching this topic, it would be nice to share the main things that stood out to you. 
Here are the discussion post instructions:
1. (15 points = 5 per response): Choose the top 3 things that stood out to you about the topic you researched, and you think would be important for others to know. Post 1-2 sentences for each of the 3 things you found interesting and important.
2. (5 points = 2.5 per response) You are required to respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts for full points. It is highly suggested that you make your initial post as soon as possible – to allow your classmates time to respond.
-20 total points possible-