Respond to William post-Order now from

Respond to William post-Order now from
In my opinion, when it comes to body cameras, many people confuse entitlement to privacy with infringing on civil liberties. The body cameras serve as a means of holding both sides accountable during an altercation. In regards to body cameras, Anthony Scott, the brother of Walter Scott who was fatally shot in the back by a police officer claims, its good for the victims as well as for the officers because it will bring more accountability on both sides (Youtube, 2015). Both sides may claim its the others fault, but the cameras will tell the real story. On the other hand, the cameras may invade individual privacy. Bryce Newell, an assistant professor at the University of Oregon reveals a shocking truth about body cameras. Apparently in recent years, people have requested the videos to be made public and they have posted them to their Youtube accounts (Newell, 2022). This would certainly be an invasion of ones privacy, but not necessarily an infringement on their rights.
Newell, B. C. (2022, January 5). Police body cameras can be a positive accountability tool, but they can also invade our privacy. UC Press Blog. Retrieved May 20, 2022, from .
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