Response and Close Reading to Westover’s Educated

26Jan 2022 by

Quote a passage directly, set off at the top of the page like an epigraph and briefly summarize the passage.
In the response, consider the following questions:  A) if you were the audience, how would you respond?  B) how did this writer make you care? In a rhetorical sense?  C) Which of these three texts made you care more?
In the close reading, consider the following questions:  A) Describe and discuss/critique the language/voice. Whats the tone of the piece, the atmosphere? What does it feel like to read?  B) Describe and discuss/critique the pieces content. Whats the story about? What are the characters like? Whats going on with them? Whats the point of the story? Whats it making you think about? What themes or issues are brought up? What does the piece seem to be saying? Whats at stake?  C)Describe and discuss/critique the storys structure, form, or shape. Think about the way the story unfolds, the choices made with regard to tense, point of view, chronology. Maybe make a diagram.
Conclusion? A close reading usually ends with a paragraph that opens up and points towards even grander potential meanings for the passage. (In other words, dont just repeat everything you said.) We could perhaps return to the themes of our response content.