Response Paper

******Choose a recorded performance from those at the Metropolitan Opera website ******

Please focus your response on the following questions:
**What stuck out for you the most about the experience?  The rituals?  The performance itself?  The other audience members? 
**What part of the opera did you enjoy the most?  Why?
**How well did you think the piece was performed?  Did one performer in particular stick out for you?  What did you think about the production?
**For the Met telecasts: What is your opinion on the experience of watching this as a telecast, as opposed to (which you imagine it would be like) attending it live?

For your response:
400 words, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font
Your writing must be polished.  Any work turned in with typos or mistakes that spell-check would have caught will get you less extra credit.