Response Paper B

Students are expected to write fourresponse papers. Each paper should be one to two-pages in length anddouble-spaced. They are due on the dates indicated below uploaded to Moodle by 12 noon. You are NOT required to visitthe Writing Center for these assignments.
Response papers are open-ended assignments.You are free to use this writing opportunity to analyze a specific section of atext, discuss the relationships of one course text or video to another (fromany of our readings), or you may discuss the reading with regard to present-dayissues. 

Remember, this is NOT a summary. Do nottell me what the video or the article were about. I want you to reflect on whatthey made you think of, how they made you feel, if they offer you new insightinto these situations, etc. You may discuss them in view of current events orother situations that you are familiar with, have read about, or know about. 

Please watch this TED TALK and write a response paper.