review paper

Please read textbook or other literature to write a mini-review paper (at least one page for each question) to address the below questions. When you cite literature in your paper, please put the cited reference into your paper. Papers must be typed and double-spaced.

1. Why is the study of bacteria important? Please list the important benefits of microorganisms.
2. Most medically useful antibiotics interfere with either peptidoglycan synthesis or ribosome function. Why would the cytoplasmic membrane be a poor target for antibacterial medications?
3. As a microbiologist representing a food corporation, you have been asked to serve on a health food panel to debate the need for chemical preservatives in foods. Your role is to prepare a statement that compares the benefits of chemical preservatives and the risks. What points must you bring up that indicate the benefits of chemi­cal preservatives?
4. Just before winter break in early December, your roommate stocks the refrigerator with a gallon of milk, but both of you leave before opening it. When you return in January, the milk has soured. Your roommate is annoyed because the milk was pasteurized and thus should not have spoiled. (1) Explain why your roommate’s position is unreasonable? (2) Design an experiment to prove that microbes do not spontaneously generate in milk?
5. As we know, Dr. Barbara McClintock (1902-1992) was a famous scientist who made several very important discoveries in genetics, and she received a Nobel Prize for her discovery of transposons, popularly called “jumping genes”. If you were asked to nominate her for the Nobel Prize, please search the internet and literatures, then make a statement supporting your choice.