Revising the Budget Report (#4 L&M)

Unit 4 Assignment 2: Revising the Budget Report
You are the fire administrator of a small community and find out a railroad is offloading ethanol fuel along a street in the community into highway tanker trucks. Because the cargo is in transit, federal laws have not addressed this activity. The railroad company will listen to your concerns but are not stopping their activities. Federal guidelines are years away from enacting new safety requirements for this activity. Your department is in the middle of the budget year and you currently do not have any capabilities to protect the firefighters and community from this type of hazard.
Review your . See attachment
Create a report for city council that clearly outlines the following:
Revising the Budget

Describe the problem this new hazard creates and why something must be done now.

Identify five items of your choice that will need to be added to your budget to improve public safety for this new type of hazards. For simplicity, you determine that each new item is 15% of their corresponding category/line item that you are applying to new.

Identify which category/line item in the budget where each of these capabilities will be added.

Explain why each line item in the budget was chosen, describing what adjustments will need to be made for each line items costs to include the new capabilities.

Suggest reductions in other areas so that the impact to your department is net zero (you are not allowed to exceed your starting department budget).

What is the total financial impact of these changes to your department?

In your report, clearly demonstrate your math for every line item changed! Example ($500 x .15=$75 New line item $500+$75=$575).