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This week’s assignment is a fun one. You will create your very own Online Sport Ethics Magazine. You will complete this assignment via ! 

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This assignment will allow you to create your own Online Sport Ethics Magazine and gain knowledge about current issues associated with ethics in sports. Gaining this knowledge may assist you with your career pursuits.

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Assignment Directions:

  • Please review the attached MS Word document in order to create a! Online Magazine account and complete this assignment.
  • Once you have published your Online Sports Magazine (instructions included in attached MS Word document), complete the following:
    • Compose a one (1) page summary analysis (i.e., minimum of 250 words, excluding title page).
    • Explain why you selected these articles/videos and how this information will benefit you during your career pursuit(s). 
    • Within written summary, identify some articles’ or videos’ titles or author’s/authors’ names of these publications presented in Online Magazine (i.e., articles/videos) to support statements discussed. Scoop It 

      The magazine has many exciting details on the issue of ethics in sports. It explores the topic of competitiveness and sportsmanship, providing a distinct difference between the two and how they affect one’s perception of morals within sports. There exists a separate line between gamesmanship and sportsmanship (Margaritis, 2018). The article is crucial to help one in their future careers since it will have equipped an individual with the necessary ethics, which will help them succeed within the sporting industry and ensure that they maintain an appropriate and competitive field for all athletes. One must understand the morality of sports to become competitive since they will understand the meaning of respect for their opponents.

      The selected article is Kirk Hanson and Matt Savage titled “What Role Does Ethics Play in Sports.” The report explores gamesmanship and fairness within sports (Santa Clara University, 2012). The topic emphasizes the issue of being ethical within sports and the benefits of such an action. Fairness, respect, responsibility, and integrity are just some of the ethical conducts mentioned in the article. It is fair to state that Kirk Hanson and Matt Savage have managed to make the reader think critically about ethics within the sporting industry and how it affects everyone (Santa Clara University, 2012). What makes an athlete different in their everyday life from their sporting life. All these issues are discussed within the article, which will help anyone interested in ethics explore it further.

      In conclusion, Scoop It magazine is an exciting magazine on the issue of ethics within sports, an exciting topic that isn’t generally discussed within sports. The article’s authors have drawn attention to the necessary virtues and how they help guide an athlete in their quest to success.




      Margaritis, K. (Ed.). (2018). Law, ethics, and integrity in the sports industry. IGI Global.

      Santa Clara University. (2012). What Role Does Ethics Play in Sports? Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.,integrity%2C%20responsibility%2C%20and%20respect.&text=All%20athletes%20and%20coaches%20must,guidelines%20of%20their%20respective%20sport.


    • At the conclusion of this summary, please paste the web link of your new! online magazine. 

Remember to include an APA formatted Title page with your submission (see ).

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