SEC 703

1.  Identify six methods a building department might use to accomplish its duties.

2.  Identify three factors that influence the staffing of a building department.

3.  What are four “arguments” in favor of consolidating a building department into a larger public works department? Four against?

4.  Explain three methods for computing fees for a building department fee schedule.

5.  Some professional designers are resentful of plans examiners and do not relish having there plans reviewed. Identify five reasons why these professionals might resent the review.

6.   How does the ICC Evaluation Service and the International Accreditation Service interface with a building code and/or the building official?

7.  What is the purpose of the development permit process and how may it be achieved?

8.  Provide an overview of the zoning process in a typical community.

9.  What are the elements of a typical commercial building permit process?

10. What entities typically provide “Vital Influences” over the development permit process?