Secondary Source Analysis 1

Read Eta Linnemann’s “Is There a Gospel of Q?” in Bible Review (Aug. 1995)–see attachment below–and write a 500–750-word (~ 2–3 pages) critical review. This review is a formal essay that describes and evaluates the assigned article. Include the following in your review: 

Full bibliographic data: author, title, year of publication, etc. This belongs at the top of the first page in the form of a properly formatted bibliography entry. 

One to two sentences that clearly and succinctly state the author’s thesis and what s/he is trying to accomplish.  

A brief (one paragraph) summary of the article. This should be your own synthesis of the material, not merely a list of subheadings or main ideas. Think broadly about what the author includes because you cannot include all the details of the article in one paragraph. Work to be both descriptive and concise. For instance, instead of, “Linnemann writes about the Q hypothesis” try something like, “Williams argues that the tendency in NT studies is to believe in the existence of Q is misplaced.” The former is generic and unhelpful; the latter is barely longer than the former, but actually provides the reader with the article’s contents. 

A careful, insightful evaluation of the article. This is the most important part of the review. Read the article actively (take notes, underline, and question what the author claims), and consider the following:  

Does the author accomplish her/his purpose? (*Always evaluate an argument based on its intended purpose, not on what you want it to do.) Does the author provide evidence for her/his thesis?  

How does the author develop her/his ideas, including her/his arguments and conclusions?  

What parts of the argument are strong/weak or could be challenged? (Note: You should explain why certain points are weak or strong, not just assert that they are so.)  

Does the author appear biased? If so, in what way? (Note: Just because someone makes and defends their argument does not make them biased. Bias is an unfair prejudice against a person or idea that does not fairly consider alternatives.) 

What did you learn from the article? 

*Your review does not have to address all of these questions, but a good review will address many of them. Avoid generic evaluations like “I didn’t like the article” or “The article was boring.” Focus on the content rather than writing style or grammatical issues. Give specific examples from the article for the evaluative points you make.  

A brief conclusion stating why and for whom (everyday Christians, pastors, graduate students, etc.) the article is valuable.  

Point total: 100 = 10% of overall grade  
Course objectives fulfilled: 2 & 3 
Estimated Reading Time: 1.25 hours Estimated Writing Time: 3 hours  

Connection to Course Objectives
This assignment fulfills the following Course Objectives: 2, 3:

apply relevant factual information to interpret responsibly the NT text from historical, literary, and theological angles;
interact critically with New Testament scholarship.

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Each page of my paper is numbered.
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