secrets of the psychic

Writing Assignment 1 (DUE 10/17)Step 1:Watch Secrets of the PsychicStep 2:Write a paper in APA format that answers the following questions:A). What was your general reaction to the film?B). What was your opinion of James Randy and his attempt to investigate supernatural claims?C). There are many beliefs that appear scientific that have not been confirmed OR have been completely rejected by science?1. Discuss one of these commonly held beliefs2. Elaborate on why you think this belief has persisteda. Are there consequences to this belief persisting?GRADING CRITERIA:APA FORMAT/writing- 25%Paper must include cover page and References Page (CITE DOCUMENTARY)• 2 or fewer formatting issues, less than 2 typos/grammatical errors= Full Points• 5% deductions for every additional formatting error/grammatical errors/typos FULFILLS PAGE REQUIREMENT- 25%• At least 2 pages= Full Points• 1 ½ + pages= -10%• Less than 1 ½ pages=-25%CRITICALLY ADDRESSING THE QUESTIONS ABOVE-35%• Addressed all questions= Full Points• Addressed all 3 questions, but missing detail= -10%• Addressed 2 questions= -20%• Addressed 1 question= -30%• Addressed 0 questions= -35% PAPER SUBMITTED ON TIME-15%• On time= full points• Late= -15%