Security Events on a Network

Section 1: Respond to the Scenario
Consider the following question: You have configured auditing for several security events on your Windows Server 2016 network. The Event Viewer logs are backed up on a daily basis. You need to ensure that security events are only cleared manually by an administrator. What should you do?
Prepare the following, in Microsoft PowerPoint, as though you are creating an executive-level briefing for senior management.
For each of the following actions, provide the bulleted points you want to make to management. You are to provide a 20–50-word explanation of why you believe the answer is true or false in the notes section of the slide.
a. Configure the Maximum event log size option for the Security log.
b. Enable the Do not overwrite events option for the Application log.
c. Enable the Do not overwrite events option for the Security log.
d. Configure the Maximum event log size option for the Application log.
Make sure to have at least one slide for each action. Provide a summary slide that indicates the best possible response. You also will need to provide an appropriate intro slide and an APA formatted reference slide that provides any references that were used to prepare the presentation.
Section 2: Interact with Others for Feedback
With any presentation that is given to an audience, there is a great need for clarity and the ability to get information across to the audience, even if the presentation may contain material that is new or unfamiliar to the audience.
Do the following:
1.     Engage with at least two adult friends, family members, or co-workers and present the presentation to them. These people will act as your evaluation team for your presentation.
2.     Get their feedback on the content of the presentation and work with them to improve your presentation and level of communication skill.
3.     Write a minimum one-page summary, in Microsoft Word, of the process you went through with the people you presented to in order to improve your presentation. Include the following in your summary:
·       When you presented the content PowerPoint, was all of the material clear to the people and fairly easy for them to understand?
·       How did they evaluate your level of professionalism in making the presentation?
·       What areas of improvement did the listeners recommend in how you presented the material?
·       How will you work to resolve any concerns they had with the presentation when making future presentations in a professional environment?
·       In what way did you acknowledge their help in working with you on the presentation?
·       Do you feel the presentation and presentation skills were made stronger by the help they provided?