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Number all responses accordingly. Citations are not required. Double space everything.

Part B:

SECTION I – Canadian Content – “Short” Answer Essay Analysis (bullet form OK) (20%)

Instructions: Considering the essay “Google Never Forgets” (CC 333-337) provide “short” responses to the following questions:

1) Identify the “direct or implied” essay thesis. ( /5)

2) Comment on the author’s effectiveness in making his point. Identify his use of persuasive techniques and literary devices. ( /10)

3) Comment on the essay’s personal impact (as reader). ( /5)

SECTION II – Short essay based on the novel (50%)

Choose one of the following topics (below) based on your novel Indian Horse and construct a (450 – 550 word) “short essay”.
Make some direct reference to events and information presented in the novel (citations not needed). See attached rubric to learn how this essay will be graded.

A) Identify and explain a major theme presented in the novel. Comment on how this theme has the potential to influence the reader (you can also cover 2-3 themes if you wish).

B) If you think this novel should be recommended to Canadian college students, explain why.

C) Comment on some of the cultural and/or historical content presented in the novel and why it is of interest to you.