select a theorist who interests YOU and relate his/her ideas to current social problems (e.g., sexism, homophobia, racism, poverty, health care, crime) and complete the assignment.

SOSHTALK Assignment

Formatting Reminders
(for full instructions and grading rubric, please review the SOSHTalk Discussion Board folder under “Week 3”)

each post must be 200+ words
APA citations and references are required for your initial post (and in response posts if material from the textbook or assigned web links is used)
initial post (your response to the weekly Assignment) is due by Friday, your responses to classmate’s initial posts are due by Sunday; all posts are due on separate days – late posts will lose 5 points a day
proof read and edit before uploading your posts
include a Word Count (WC) for each post before your Reference(s)


Read Chapter 1, Understanding Sociology, in your text (or if your textbook is delayed you may use the Chapter 1 Lecture notes and/or PPT slides from the Course Resources folder).  Your assignment must be informed by information from the chapter or class. No outside/web sources, please.
Attend the Week 1 Keiser Live! session or view the recording.
Review the  for instructions and examples of formatting in text citations and references.  In-text citations go in the paragraph and the reference list is located after the Word Count at the end of your paper. 

Think about the sociologists profiled in the chapter.  

Whose work seems most relevant to today’s social problems (e.g.: gender inequality, racial/ethnic inequality, homophobia, poverty, crime, health care, etc.)? 
In what ways are his/her work still relevant?  How might her/his ideas inform current efforts to promote equality?