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Project Plan Selling Digital Products and Software
Project Plan Procedures
Describe how you plan to use the time to investigate and gather information related to the project. This could involve interviews, observations, surveys, phone calls, review of critical documents, etc.
Explain what you will do to learn more about the problem you are trying to solve and how you plan to gain expertise on both this topic and the setting in which the problem you want to solve exists. This usually involves learning everything you can about the people, culture, policies, procedures, demographics, programs, strengths, and weaknesses of the context.
Provide a step-by-step analysis of how you intend to meet your goals, including resources you will need, where you intend to find them, and an estimated timeline of how long each step will take.
List the specific tasks to be completed and a schedule for completion. 
Explain how this project might be evaluated. Is your organization going to evaluate it?
What specifically will make your project a success, both to you and to others?
Describe your methods for receiving feedback from project stakeholders and other people who might have valuable insights on the topic at hand.
Clearly label the sections of your project plan.