Sentinel World Assignment – Urban/Rural Compare and Contrast-Order now from

Sentinel World Assignment – Urban/Rural Compare and Contrast-Order now from
In this assignment, you will examine the similarities and/or differences and think critically about the assets and resources available in an urban and rural community.
Tour both Sentinel City (urban) and Sentinel Town (rural) and note how these two communities are alike and different in regards to community subsystems.
As you tour both communities, write down observations pertaining to the strengths (assets) and limitations that align with three (3) of the following subsystems:
Health & Social Services
Safety & Transportation
In addition consider the following items:
Identify two assets and available resources in each community.
Identify how each of the selected subsystems impact the health of a community.
What resources are lacking (in each community) that can have an impact your selected subsystems.
State key similarities and differences between urban and rural communities.
Compare and contrast the nurses role in urban versus rural communities.
What are some of the challenges a nurse might encounter when practicing in a rural community compared to practice in urban communities?
Explain the difference between vulnerable and underserved populations.
Submit your observations and responses to the items in a single document. Your observations and responses should be clear and professional in nature.
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