Setting Directions

Discussion Thread: Setting
Direction, Advantages / Disadvantages, and Decision Models


Strategy is critical to the process of
charting a company’s direction in the business environment. When evaluating
strategic choices, it is important to understand key advantages and
disadvantages of the various options under consideration. Decision models
continue to impact strategy development and should continuously be evaluated,
and others considered.


Minimum of 500 words in the body

Minimum of 2 sources from the literature
in addition to course texts

Current APA format must be used.


Use the following outline:


Setting the Company’s Direction with Strategy – What is the process in no less
than 200 words

Strategic Thinking:
Discussion of a Key Advantage or Disadvantage from Rumelt – What is it and why is it important in no less than
200 words

Model: no less than 100 words

do my decision models aid / hinder this process and why

other decision models are being considered and


your factual assertions with citations.

Include an
Annotated Bibliography, in current APA format, of the 2 additional Sources:

Minimum of 250
words in each annotation

Summary of Key Points

Evaluation of the
Quality of the Publication Evaluation of the Quality of the Author(s) Where
this fits into the discussion