Short answer questions-Order now from

Short answer questions-Order now from
Nicaragua wants to export banana to USA that are genetically modified (GM). However, USA want Nicaragua to produce non-GM bananas as GM products do not align with the idea of organic and sustainable cultural mindset of the US citizens. However, that is not very profitable for Nicaragua as these Non-GM bananas are less resistant to pests and are more costly to produce. Thus, the USA does not want to trade bananas with Nicaragua. When this issue is brought in front of the WTO, the WTO decided that US domestic policy is not aligning with global efficiency. Please discuss your thoughts regarding the issue. When discussing, please mention the following.
Do you support the WTOs decision or not? Why do you support it or not? 
Do you think efficiency from free trade is more important OR less important than culture, sentiment, prosperity, and beliefs across countries?
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