Short Case Study/Response

See attached pcitures for graphs and data/scenario…Also both texts that are needed are included in the attached files as well:

Using the twelve weeks of Tier 2 progress monitoring data outlined above, calculate Shaunikas performance level and slope from the point of the Tier 2 intervention. Draw her goal line to the expected benchmark from the data point indicated by Brown et al.  Download Brown et al. (2009a, p. 23).
Using the dual-discrepancy approach, determine whether Shaunika is responding adequately to Tier 2 instruction. Explain your response.
Examining what Ms. Schmitt attempted with Kim (Salvia et al. 2017, p. 179), could the Tier 2 person have attempted changing other variables?
Based on your evaluation, what tier of instruction would you recommend for Shaunika?

Don’t forget to ask two open-ended questions.