short precis

Short precis 10% on David Gaertner’s “’Something in Between’: Monkey Beach and the Return of the Repressed.” 
A precis is a short summary of an article 300-500 words MAX. The precis captures the essence of an article. A precis might often discuss how the article is situated within critical literature—what the article is pushes against or what the article aligns with.  
I have provided an example of a precise . Please include proper MLA citations with page numbers. This is not perhaps the most exciting exercise, but it will be immensely helpful for all your future studies. Being able to skillfully summarize and distill complex information is a skill that you will use throughout your university education! 
2 pages (500 words), typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, with page numbers/header, formatted in accordance with MLA style. Word count is between 300-500 words. 500 words is absolutely the upper limit for this assignment.