Short Story Literary Analysis: Two Kinds by Amy Tan

Literary Analysis: The Short Story 
Edgar V. Roberts and Robert Zweig clarify in Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing that as you write your essay, you should always try to connect your explanations to a specific argument; that is, you are writing about a specific work, but you are trying to proveor argueor demonstratea point or idea about it.This book provides you with a number of separate subjects relating to the study of literature. As you select one of these
and begin writing, however, you are not to explain just that such-and-such story has a character who changes and grows, or that such-and-such poem contains the thought that nature creates great beauty. Rather, you should assert the importance of your topic to the work as a whole in relation to a specific point or argument. One example might be that a storys first-person point of view permits readers to draw their own conclusions about the speakers character (31)

Your first out-of-class essay will require you to analyze an authors choices and explain how these choices create meaning in a selected text. 

Write a three-page essay analyzing an element of fiction in one of the short stories in your textbook that does not appear on our class reading list.  Your essay will need to include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, body paragraphs beginning with topic sentences and incorporating specific examples of textual support, and a concluding paragraph.  Remember the Schaffer paragraph model, in which you use concrete details followed by commentary sentences. Be sure to document your sources and format your essay using the Manuscript Guidelines included in the syllabus.  (MLA 8th edition)

Due Date:
Monday, Sept. 20

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