Should abortions be legal why and wyhy not?

or this week’s writing exercise, you will write a paragraph of at least 300 words that is a topic proposal for your final paper.  This paper and your final will be an argument.  We can all think of something right now that we feel strongly about and can argue our opinion on.  You should pick a topic that you feel passionately about and that you know enough about to form a sound opinion.  You should NOT do research for these final assignments.  You should pick a topic that you have some general background knowledge on which to base your opinion.  For example, I do not know everything about the current Covid 19 vaccines, but I’ve read enough and heard enough to form a general opinion about whether I should take one or not.   There is a good general list of topics on page 318 that you might choose from if you are struggling for ideas.  

For this week’s assignment, the topic proposal, you should introduce your topic and tell why it is important and any background needed to explain why it is a controversial topic.  You should NOT state your personal opinion in this paper, but explain both sides of the controversy and explain why it is a controversial issue.  You will argue your own opinion later, but this paper should just explain your topic.