Should Net Neutrality be protected or discontinued? Why or Why Not??

CORE – Government  
Written Communication/Critical Thinking Essay
Essay Prompt:
Should Net Neutrality be protected or discontinued?  Why or Why Not??
Formulate an opinion based (backed up by facts) essay that is based on the articles and research you collected on the above listed question.   
1.    Watch the following debate: (Links to an external site.)
2.     Below are possible articles to research (you may find your own sources as well): (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
3.    Write a well written essay (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) that is a minimum of 700 words.
3.       Additional research beyond the listed articles will be necessary, please feel free to do so in order to be able to make a good argument.
* Be aware of where you are gathering your info (no fake news). 
** Additionally, this is a developing topic.  Current news sources will be helpful to inform on current legislative/administrative actions.
A few things to keep in mind when writing the essay:
1.       Explain the issue and develop a comprehensive analysis of the source material
2.       Identify and analyze your own opinion and the opinion of others
3.       Take a specific position in your thesis and clearly stated thesis
4.       Include introductory and conclusion paragraphs
5.       Use clear wording, varied sentence structure and good organization of essay
6.       Draw on sources and include a FULL works cited page (MLA citations are OK)
7.     Use data from sources