Sigmund Freud

 write an essay describing the psychologist’s life, career, and contributions to the field of psychology. Your paper should include the following:
Background information about your selected psychologist:

Life span
Place of birth
Information about upbringing (family life)
Cultural information

What was going on in society during your psychologist’s life?
Was this a time of political upheaval?
Were there any significant movements going on during this time?

What was this person like?

Include any interesting characteristics, quirks, etc. about this person
Try to capture their personality

Your selected psychologist’s contributions to the field of Psychology:

What are their major theories?
What is this person’s most famous research?
Who were two of their contemporaries?
How were the research or theories of each contemporary similar or different from the selected psychologist’s works? Include stereotypes, myths and misunderstandings. 
How did this psychologist’s contributions benefit the field of psychology?

Your paper should be 3 to 5 pages in length (not including the cover page or reference page), formatted in APA style, and include at least three references, also formatted in APA style. Use the  to make sure the sources you use are Credible, Accurate, Reasonable, and Supported. (You do not have to turn in the checklists along with your outline.) You may use  to complete your assignment.