Slave Narrative Paper

All papers must be typewritten utilizing proper 1-inch margins, double line spacing, and a 12pt font. Papers will not be accepted late. Papers must be written using formal English and Chicago Manual Style citations.


Although you will have to briefly describe the book, this is not a summary, rather you should critique the authors work. Be sure to include a proper citation for the book at the beginning of the paper as formatted directly below, as well as any specific pages you reference.


Sernett, Milton C. U. S. History: A Documentary Witness, (Durham, Duke University Press, 1999).


Your paper will be graded on spelling, grammar, citations, clarity and organization as well as how well you answer the questions below. Answer each question fully, offering detailed information to support your position:


1.What is the author’s thesis? (In other words what is the point she or he is trying to make?)

How do they support their argument? How do they attempt to prove their point?

3.What evidence do they use to support their conclusions? Here you should consider the evidence they use both in terms of their argument as well as in terms of their sources.

Do you agree with the author’s argument? 
Why or why not?

 Is there other information they could have or should have considered?

What did you think of the authors’ style?
Was the book readable, enjoyable or not?

Who is the audience?

Chapters VII (7), IX & XI (9 and 11), XII (12) and XV (15)