social media

Visit and analyze to 3 different types of social media platforms 

You will write a 4 6-page essay (times new roman, double-spaced, 12-pt font) examining social media influences on modern society. 

The essay will consist of you using your media literacy skills in inspecting different social media applications (facebook, twitter, Reddit, Instagram) and comparing/fact checking news sources (fake news via facebook compared to other applications twitter, reddit etc.), ethical communication aspects of direct messaging, and the results of every application allowing instant communication (which can lead to unwanted messages, hate speech, and other ethical violation from unwanted messages) and the overall role of social media in modern society when it comes to public opinion on key issues. 

Since 2008 social media has been used to communicate, connect, and inform our society. The last decade social media has become synonymous with politicians, fake news, and being used as a way to spread hate/bully. In a 4-page reflective essay I want you to analyze the current state of social media by comparing/fact checking news sources and stories used to inform and reflect on what you find. 

Writing points: 

Fake news is literally just opinion that is generally sided one way or another politically or on divisive issues. Is fake news real? Did you find any examples of fake news? If so what and how did you know it was fake? Compare and contrast the difference in fake news across facebook, twitter, reddit, and Instagram. Which is the worst and why? 

Cyber bullying or hate speech in general is a big part of modern social media across the multiple platforms what hate speech did you notice? Did you notice more on one social media app versus another? What was the themes that led to this talk? 

Politics and religion are a big part of social media issues with anger/rhetoric do you notice a difference in this type of speech/theme on facebook versus the other applications (facebook, twitter, reddit, and Instagram)? Why? 

Social media is about our opinion and the thought that our opinion matters. Is this case? Do you ever see anyone becoming upset when their opinion is challenged?