social media addiction


feel free to discuss and analytically consider the topic of Social Media addiction.  I have provided a few questions to help initiate your discussion.   You are not limited to these questions.  

Are you concerned?
Therapy the answer?
Is this a legitimate addiction.
Life impact?

After watching the “Social Media Addiction” video discuss the opioid crisis. Consider the research information presented in the video.  Back up your opinions with sources like the video and your textbook. Be sure to include your views on:

What criteria you would use to determine if someone has an “addiction”?
How would you investigate the appropriate or effectiveness of therapeutic efforts?
What do you believe are the causes of “Social Media Addiction”?
How does Social media impact one’s personal behavior, family and social development?
Do you believe this research on Social Media Addiction will have an impact on our society?  Do you believe the research presented has the possibility of impacting your behavior or attitude?