“Social Media is Undermining Truth”

For this assignment in Composition II, you will write an annotated bibliography that includes five sources you are planning to use in your research essay. Remember the topic needs to be focused on one of Lanier’s chapters or ideas.(You can revisit, revise, and include the sources that you cited and annotated in the first module for this assignment if the research fits with your current paper’s focus.)

About the annotated bibliography. Completing an annotated bibliography of existing research is a fundamental component of writing an academic research essay. The annotated bibliography assignment serves several purposes:

Locating sources and engaging in a close reading of a text help you grow as a writer. Seeing models of how other writers have approached the topic and structured their arguments is also helpful.The annotation summarizes the contents of the article to inform the reader of the relevance and quality of the sources cited. When collected, these annotations can serve as a “research log.”The annotated bibliography provides an opportunity for you to evaluate the quality, breadth, and relevance of the research you’ve acquired. In other words, if you have five articles, each with little more than the same biographical information, then you know that you will need to do more research to find sources that offer a more in-depth and robust analysis of your issue. You’ll need to revisit the databases to find more diverse scholarship.

For your annotated bibliography, you need to complete the following steps:

State your tentative thesis or research question. At this point, you should have a tentative thesis or research question for your research paper. Include a one-sentence thesis or research question at the top of the bibliography, just below the title. 

Keep in mind that refining your thesis or answering your research question is a recursive process. This means that while your tentative thesis or research question will guide your search, you may discover new information or arguments that persuade you to modify your thesis or approach. You can then use the revised thesis or research question to guide your research. At this point in the process, nothing should be set in stone.

Locate sources. The goal of this annotated bibliography assignment is to locate five scholarly sources that directly relate to your tentative thesis or research question. The sources can provide arguments or evidence in support of your position, or they can provide other significant positions on the topic.

Because the essays in our course readings are academic texts, you may use one of those to get your research started. The other four sources will be found using the academic research databases (e.g., Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, and Opposing Viewpoints in Context).

Write the annotations. The annotation should be written in complete sentences and should include the following information:

A summary of the source’s thesis and supporting arguments. Use active verbs.If the source supports your thesis or research question, an explanation of which information or arguments you will use in your essay.If the source provides a different or opposing position, an explanation of how you will respond to that position.An analysis of what makes this source a good one, including the credentials of the author(s) and the reliability of the arguments and information.

Formatting the bibliography. When writing the annotated bibliography, consider the following guidelines:

Use MLA or APA style to provide a complete citation for the article.MLA or APA formatting and headingMLA or APA formatted citations