Social Problems


We have explored many policies in this class. Select one policy that you feel is the most unfair, research that policy and explain why you selected it as an unfair policy. You should then make a policy recommendation. Your initial post must do the following:

  1. Clearly identify a specific policy.
  2. Provide a short history for the policy how/why/when did the policy come into existence, and for what purpose?
  3. Explain what makes this policy unfair, and to whom is it unfair. This part of the post MUST include statistical/quantitative information. For example, how many people are affected by this policy and in what way?
  4. Describe how should this policy be fixed.

Be sure that you follow these guidelines:

  • The initial post for this prompt MUST be at least 400 words.
  • Please provide both in-text citations and a complete reference at the end of the post. You may use your book as ONE source but you are required to locate at least one other scholarly source for the initial post. Show your word count.
  • After you post your initial post, please reply to two other students on different days of the week.
  • Examine their choices and consider whether you agree with them AFTER you have located additional research on their policy can you find evidence to support the idea that the policies your peers have chosen are beneficial? If so, then you would disagree with their choices. If you find evidence to support the idea that their policy choices cause harm, then you would agree with their choices.
  •  All replies to peers must be at least 250 words. Show your word count for each reply post.