Social Responsibility In Marketing

The objective of this assignment is to engage in a discussion to evaluate the impact of ethical and unethical marketing decisions on consumers and businesses which will achieve module-level objective 2.1. Create an original discussion post by responding to the topic below utilizing the knowledge you have accumulated while in this course in a minimum of two paragraphs. You must use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Any outside sources that you use to support your opinions should be appropriately cited within your posting. To begin, click reply below.
Discussion Topic
It is no longer acceptable for businesses to disregard issues related to ethics and social responsibility. Choose a company that you want to discuss on your post, and provide the name, logo, and types of products the company sells. Conduct research and briefly describe what the organization is doing now with regard to corporate social responsibility and pursuing sustainable business practices.
Think broadly about what to consider: philanthropy, energy conservation, sustainable supply chains, reducing carbon footprint, fair trade, community service, volunteerism, etc.
Respond to Classmates’ Posts
After you have created your own post (20 points), look over the discussion posts of your classmates and respond to at least two of them in a substantive response (10 points each). A substantive response to peers is one that adds significantly to the discussion by: 1) building on others comments, 2) suggesting alternative solutions, 3) pointing out problems or 4) constructively disagreeing. Take a guess at the two truths and one lie of your fellow peers, and enjoy getting to know one another.