1. Reflecting on the videos and interactive exercises, identify a
    deviant behavior defined by society or the dominant culture as socially
    unacceptable (e.g., crime, abuse, abortion, pornography, incest,
  2. Discuss the deviant behavior in cultural and historical context: What cross-cultural or historical variations exist?
  3. Explain the deviant behavior using the sociological perspectives:
    functionalism, conflict perspective, symbolic-interactionism. What other
    minor theories (e.g., strain theory, labeling theory, control theory,
    differential association, feminist theory) can be applied? (LO1)
  4. On the macrolevel, address the deviant behavior by examining how it
    is shaped by economic, racial/ethnic or gender inequalities due to
    stratification based on institutional arrangements. Which sociological
    perspective or minor theory could be used? What social control
    mechanisms exist at the societal level through social institutions?
    (LO4, LO5)
  5. On the microlevel, provide an example in which you were sanctioned
    for deviant behavior. Which sociological perspective or minor theory
    could you use to explain your experience? What type of norm was
    violated? What type of sanction was administered? What social control
    mechanisms exist through face-to-face interactions?

Expectations and Criteria for Success: 

  • Your essay should be approximately 500 words
  • The essay should follow instructions
  • The essay uses correct, standard English grammar and mechanics, and is free of typos as well as punctuation, capitalization, and word choice errors
  • The essay incorporates multiple, accurate references to online and text content as support for thesis/claims/argument. Parenthetical
    references at the end of the sentence using said material is
    sufficient. They essay should use accurately one style of citations (MLA, ASA, or APA).
  • The essay demonstrates superior, academic knowledge of the topic under study, and is free from general statements, fluff, and summary
  • The language is clear and concise with logical flow
  • The essay is submitted prior to the due date/time